Giants: Argentina's Largest Dry-Type Transformers


We are proud to share a significant milestone in our history. In 2017, we had the honor of supplying high-capacity dry-type transformers to the Ezeiza Thermal Power Plant, marking the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. This initial provision of over 22 MVA helped strengthen Argentina's energy infrastructure and was a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. But that's not all. We are thrilled to announce that we have closed the loop with a second provision in 2023...

Manufacturing for YPF


At CAT MIRON we are pleased to have made the provision of 2 dry transformers encapsulated in epoxy resin for the new thermal power generation plant of YPF SA, operated by its subsidiary YPF LUZ. The plant called "La Plata Cogeneración II" will supply electricity to 210 thousand homes and provide 200 tons / hour of steam to the operations of the YPF SA refinery located in Ensenada, incorporating 90 MW of power. The work was carried out by AESA (A-Evangelista SA). The manufactu...

New Generation of CAT MIRON Encapsulated Dry Transformers


We are proud to present the New Generation of CAT MIRON Encapsulated Dry Transformers. We apply advanced technology to the manufacture of all our products, developing all the processes in Argentina for more than 50 years. Reliability and support always. CLICK TO WATCH FULL VIDEO.

A great challenge: IRSA


We are proud to have been chosen to manufacture 4 encapsulated dry transformers in order to supply electrical energy to the new premium office building built by IRSA. The tower was named "200 Della Paolera", and is located in Catalinas, Buenos Aires. It has 30 floors and covers an area of 55,466 m2. This work represented a great challenge for CAT MIRON, since the transformers had to be installed in the upper part of the building, located 125 meters high. In order to fulfill this task,...



At Grupo Miron we are proud to be part of an amazing project together with the Municipality and companies of the Industrial Union of General Rodríguez. In this difficult situation that we are facing as a society, we are contributing to the rapid construction of a Modular Campaign Hospital, which will aim to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. The property is in full development, presenting an area of ??1000 M2, and allowing 50 hospitalization and therapy beds to be accommodated. This enormo...

23rd Conference of Technical Training in Misiones


The last technical training day of 2019, held in Misiones, has come to an end. After a year with very good results, at CAT MIRON we are very excited to continue organizing more and better days for 2020. Thanks to all those who joined us!

BIEL Light+Building 2019 - Buenos Aires


We have once again participated in the most important event in the electrical, electronic and lighting industry in Latin America: BIEL Light + Building 2019. This event, developed on the Rural property in Buenos Aires, is a great opportunity to get closer and share a moment with all our Stakeholders. That is why we thank all those who visited our booth.

22nd Technical Training Conference in Salta


The technical training day in Salta was successfully carried out. From CAT MIRON we want to thank all those who signed up and participated in it.

Technical Training Conference for Trenes Argentinos


We are proud of the good results obtained in the technical training day given for the firm Trenes Argentinos. We want to thank all those who participated, as well as all those who worked to make this event happen.

Technical Training Conference in Neuquén


The technical training day developed in Neuquén was a complete success. The following topics were explained: the manufacture of dry encapsulated transformers, the production of transformers in oil, the execution of "on-site" maintenance and the implementation of solutions regarding photovoltaic renewable energy.