Manufacturing for YPF


At CAT MIRON we are pleased to have made the provision of 2 dry transformers encapsulated in epoxy resin for the new thermal power generation plant of YPF SA, operated by its subsidiary YPF LUZ.
The plant called "La Plata Cogeneración II" will supply electricity to 210 thousand homes and provide 200 tons / hour of steam to the operations of the YPF SA refinery located in Ensenada, incorporating 90 MW of power.
The work was carried out by AESA (A-Evangelista SA).
The manufactured equipment has a power of 2,000 kVA, with a ratio of 6.9 / 0.4kV. They were delivered with self-supporting outdoor cabinets, with a degree of protection IP23.
Currently, the machines are working in optimal conditions at the customer's facilities.