At CAT MIRON we stand out for providing a comprehensive and superior value proposition. It is for this reason that we have a stock of pieces and parts with the aim of satisfying the particular needs of each of our clients. In this way, we have all the key accessories for the correct operation and protection of a dry transformer, offering them both separately (per unit) and integrated with our equipment.

  • TEMPERATURE CENTRAL: the temperature control unit is a protection element used to thermally supervise the Medium Voltage Encapsulated Dry Type Transformers. For this purpose, it has four inputs for thermal sensors of the PT-100 type. It also has various relays for connecting alarms, circuit breakers, fans, etc., as well as a display on the front panel that allows displaying temperatures. The unit can be programmed by the user and is provided with a communication board, for RS485 ModbusŪ RTU connection, which allows viewing and storing thermal data from a PC.
  • VENTILATION COMMAND CENTRAL: electronic power unit intended for the control and protection of the fan motors installed in the Encapsulated Dry Type Transformers.
  • FORCED VENTILATION: the Encapsulated Dry Transformers admit the installation of forced ventilation as a way to have a power reserve, which can be used temporarily according to the demand of the equipment, preventing the transformer from suffering temperatures above the thermal class at which it belongs.
  • OVERVOLTAGE DISCHARGERS: they are devices that are used to protect the insulation of the transformers against both external and internal overvoltages. The main function is to divert to the ground the voltages that reach a dangerous level for the insulation of the equipment.
  • PT-100 PROBES: PT-100 thermal probes allow the temperature of the transformer windings to be controlled in real time, being a simple and effective way to protect it from overvoltages, overloads and short circuits, among others.