Compact Transformer Stations

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They are compact medium voltage electrical substations that allow a customized and adaptable configuration according to the specifications of each installation. The CAT MIRON Compact Transformation Centers are an excellent solution, since they have everything necessary to function: transformer, protection elements and maneuvering in both medium and low voltage.

  • Powers up to 8,000 Kva.
  • Voltages up to 36 Kv.
  • Mobile or fixed.
  • For indoor or outdoor mounting.
  • Multiple options of maneuvering and protection elements in medium and low voltage.
  • Reducers or elevators.
  • Custom metal cabinets or shipping containers.
  • Protection degrees from IP00 to IP54.
  • Natural or forced ventilation.
  • Operation up to 4800 m.a.s.l.
  • Quick and easy installation: on-site commissioning times are minimized and installation costs on civil works are saved by including everything necessary to operate. Minimum space is required for your location.
  • Reliability and security: they are extremely reliable
  • because the complete set is fully tested. They have maximum security in operation and service.
  • Minimum maintenance: being built with resin-encapsulated dry transformers, they require minimal maintenance.
  • Customization and flexibility: our engineers work to design a comprehensive product taking into account the needs and the service to be fulfilled, adapting it to any type of requirement and use.