A great challenge: IRSA


We are proud to have been chosen to manufacture 4 encapsulated dry transformers in order to supply electrical energy to the new premium office building built by IRSA. The tower was named "200 Della Paolera", and is located in Catalinas, Buenos Aires. It has 30 floors and covers an area of 55,466 m2.
This work represented a great challenge for CAT MIRON, since the transformers had to be installed in the upper part of the building, located 125 meters high. In order to fulfill this task, the transformers (already manufactured and tested in our plant) were disassembled and lifted one part to the roof of the tower. Once all the components were located in their final location, the equipment was assembled and installed "in situ".
The manufactured transformers have powers of up to 1600 kVA, under a ratio of 13.2 / 0.4 kV. All of them were delivered with indoor cabinets, with a degree of protection IP21.
The provision was carried out successfully, and all the equipment is currently working in optimal conditions.