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Impregnated Dry Type Transformers
  • Magnetic core made of grain oriented silicon steel with low specific losses.
  • Coil windings insulated with nomex, impregnated with F type varnish.
  • The windings are built in complete layers without spaces, in order to eliminate possible shifts in electrodynamic efforts.
  • The whole (core and windings) are strongly compressed to guarantee a safe and silent performance.
  • The metallic support elements are electrolytically galvanized. (zinc)
  • The enclosures are built according to the stardards IEC 529- IRAM 2444, in iron sheet, with natural ventilation. The air enters from the slotted bottom and gets out from a labyrinth between the side and the roof.
  • The enclosure is design based on a lateral envelope bolted to the bottom with a removable roof. It has two sheet metal profiles folded as a fixing base with holes for anchoring, ringbolts on the top for lifting and moving.
  • The hole is degreased, phosphated and painted with baked polyester powder.
  • Auxiliary services
  • Rectification
  • Start engine
  • Insulation


Standard Line

∙ Class 1,1 kV
∙ Power up to 1000 kVA
∙ Copper and Aluminum Windings
∙ Class F
∙ Natural or forced ventilation
∙ Single Phase, Three Phase and multiphase
∙ Diferent Voltages up to 1,1 kV
∙ Diferent Powers
∙ Copper and Aluminum Windings
∙ Class B, F, H and C
∙ Natural or forced ventilation
∙ Diferent frecuencies
∙ Single Phase, Three Phase and multiphase
∙ Diferent conection groups
∙ Diferent shortcircuits voltages
∙ For height up to 1000 m over the sea.
∙ Temperature declassified
∙ For Loads with harmonics

Ficha técnica
Integrated Dry Transformer with aluminum windings, of 60 KVA, class 1.1 KV

Integrated Dry Transformer with coper windings, of 60 KVA, class 1.1 KV