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Cast Resin transformers

For their constructive characteristics, they are highly reliable and fulfill with the current health and safety standards.

In the presesence of fire they have a low flammability and they do not emanate toxic gases that could endanger the environment and human life.

They have an easy instalation. They just require some protection against accidental contacts and an adequate ventilation.

They are recommended for locations where safety, environment and electric power supply are essential, as residential buildings, malls (shopping centers), hotels, hospitals, subways, etc.

  • Distribution
  • Industries
  • Buildings
  • Electric generation plants
  • Traction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Naval
  • Creation of artificial neutral
  • Cogeneration


Standard Line for Half Voltage distribution
∙ Class 17,5 kV and 36 kV
∙ Power up to 3150 kVA
∙ Copper and Aluminum Windings
∙ Class F
∙ Natural or forced ventilation

∙ Primary up to 36 kV and secundary up to 17,5 kv
∙ Power up to 10000 kVA
∙ Copper and Aluminum Windings
∙ Class F y H
∙ Natural or forced ventilation
∙ Diferent Frecuencies
∙ Single Phase, Three Phase and multiphase
∙ Diferent conection groups
∙ Diferent shortcircuits voltages
∙ For height up to 1000 m over the sea.
∙ Reduced losses
∙ Temperature declassified
∙ For Loads with harmonics

Ficha Técnica
Cast Resin transformer of 315 KVA, type 17,5 for distribution

Cast Resin transformer of 5400 KVA, type 17,5 KV for six-phase rectifier

Cast Resin transformer of 630 KVA, type 17,5 KV for rectifier, with interphase reactor