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By its services division, CAT S.A. provides its customers with special solutions for each need, both maintenance and installation and repair of equipment and facilities.

According with the vast experience as a manufacturer, it has become closely related to the needs of the customers and their facillities. The constant training of its members and the knowledge acquired, allow it to provide fast and economical solutions related to:

  • Preventive maintenance of transformers and auxiliary equipment.

  • Thermography.

  • Review, repair and adjustment of accessories and additional equipment to transformers.

  • Disassembly, assembly and replacement of transformers.

  • Installation of forced ventilation equipment in existing transformers, to increase the power available.

  • Installation of protective equipment against overvoltage.

  • Transportation and positioning of transformers.

  • Measurement of electrical parameters in networks.

  • Repair of imported transformers.

Repair of an imported transformer

Installation of a forced ventilation equipment