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Reactors and Inductors

The Half and Low Voltage Reactors, Cast Resin or Impregnated, are design and manufactured according to the customers´ specific requirements.

The Cast Resin Reactors, due to our manufacturing technic, have no crack defects nor “cast (capping) defects”. The round or rectangular reactors, made of copper or aluminum, insulated with fiberglass are coiled on isolated layers by glass fabrics on a cylindrical shape. The design of our coils offers an excellent distribution of voltages and extreme resistance to short-circuit efforts. The epoxi resin used for the cast (encapsulation) is from type F and it permeates the fiberglass insulation, making up an homogeneus and resistant compound. This feature liberate them from partial discharges and prevents the thermal craking. Regarding the connections of the coil, are molded in one piece, making up epoxy-glass insulators. In case of being required a resistance for outdoor instalation, it is used a cycloaliphatic epoxy resin.

In the case of Impregnated Reactors, they are suitable for both indoor or outdoor installation. They are constructed with of aluminum or copper plates, insulated with glass tape and impregnated with resin. The construction technic ensures an exellent mechanical resistance to the short-circuit efforts and a uniform insulation system in type F (155°C). The diferenr performances allow the assembly of the support insulators in any position and with a variety of conection possibilities.

  • In low and half Voltage up to 36 kV
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • Copper and Aluminum windings
  • Type B, F, H and C
  • Iron or air core

  • Limiting inrush currents of capacitor banks
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Short-circuit current limiting
  • Direct current insulation
  • Limiting the inrush current during capacitor switching operations
  • Grounding
  • Arc supression
  • Blocking/ Damping/ Shunt

Ficha técnica

Shortcircuit current limiter Reactors for outdoors encapsulated with cycloaliphatic Resin

Inrush current limiter Reactor for capacitor banks

Smoothing Reactor with iron core and aluminum windings, 80MH, 2780A