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Custom made engineering
The engineering department is the principal strength of our company. It´s right here where the tasks of calculation, design and integral development of the equipments are effected. Those activities are carried out fitted in the procedures established by the Quality Management System, holding a constant and close bond with the customers, during the stage of quotation as in the manufacture and testing stages; permanently working to adecuate solutions to the specific needs that each on of them has.

The experience accumulated during all these years combined with the “computerization” of the processes of calculation and project by software specially developed for it, allow the execution of the designs in a short time, making possible to hand over ingeneering documentation in tight deadlines, in a reliable and efficient way. On the other hand, by our engineering department we can focus the design and development of any tipe of Cast Resin and Impregnated Transformers, further from our standard line. Is this point what makes the difference from our competitors, making us a highly flexible company, pointed to covering all our customers needs.