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  • 1961:
  • Begins its activities with the construction of Low Voltage transformers and “autotransformers”. The quality of its products starts to be recognised in the local market and in consequence, its number of clients expands achieving this way to become stablished. In response to the increasing demand of products, it decides to extend the capacity of the plant.

  • 1981:
  • With the aim to diversify its product lines, starts with the production and commercialization of rural transformers and the “Distribution type in oil for half Voltage”

  • 1985:
  • Detects a new opportunity of business: the manufacture of Cast Resin Transformers. This product was already being made in Europe and showed a growing market. In our country didn´t exist local manufacturers, nor market. By these circumstances, it begins to work in the development of the engineering according to international technical specifications, promoting the advantages and qualities of the product, generating this way the market in a local level.

  • 1987:
  • From the new necessity of extending the capacity of production, as a response of an increasing demand of Half Voltage Cast Resin Transformers, there was inaugurated a plant of 1000 m2 destinaded to that finality.

  • 1998:
  • In response to a sustained growth of the demand, and with the aim of increasing again the capacity of production, it extends the surface to 2000 m2. It also focuses on the importance of providing an effective technical counseling and after sales service. This last aspect represents a value deeply rooted in the company, which makes the difference with its foreign competitors.

  • 2000:
  • Certifies its quality nanagment system according to the ISO 9001 norms, modifying entirely the structure of processes.

  • 2009:
  • Having successfully overcome the turbulences that the country suffered, and with a totally renewed model of managment, reaffirms its leadership in the market, positioning as the only company of the country that performs 100% of the production processes to make up the “Dry type Cast Resin Transformers”, and as a specialist in developments focus on the particular needs of each customer.