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Guarantee of Quality
Quality is one of the fundamental pillars in the path of CAT. Already in the ´80, the company ventured into the Quality Assurance through the confection and implementation of procedures required in specific quality plans for each provision. For more than 10 years, the company has been working with a Managment Quality System certified by the ISO 9001:9002 norm.

The Quality area is divided in two sectors:
Quality Managment
A technical person in charge is responsible for carrying out the Quality Managment System, the documents managment, the analysis of the existing processes and their improvement, the implementation of new working methods and the realization of internal audits. On the other hand, each of the persons responsible for a sector carries out the managment of its respective processes, the control and measurement of their efficiency.

Quality Control
A technical person in charge, closely linked with the engineering department, is responsible for the Half Voltage testing laboratory, where it is carried out the final verification of the equipment, first intenally and then in the presence of the customer. Moreover, in order to detect possible deviations, the sector makes a verification of the raw materials delivered by the suppliers, as well as the testings during the production process.

CAT trasformers are manufactured according to the required standards for the certification of classes E2,C2 and F1

Half voltage testing laboratory

The Testing laboratory is equipped to perform the following routine tests:

  • Insulation testing
  • Dielectric testing of Applied voltage
  • Dielectric testing of Induced voltage
  • Measure of partial discharge
  • Measure of losses in the vacuum
  • Measure of load losses and short circuit impedance
  • Measure of the winding resistance
  • Measure of voltage ratio
  • Measure of vector groups
  • Homopolar impedance

  • And the following special tests:

  • Impulse test
  • Temperature rise test
  • Noise