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We inform you that we have moved. Our new address is: El Partenón 1637, Industrial Park April 9, Esteban Echeverría, Buenos Aires, Argentina, -between Route of Tradition (formerly Camino de Cintura) and Mar del Plata-. Phone: 4693-9100
It´s an argentinian undertaking with more than 45 years of uninterrupted and sustained presence in the latinoamerican and local market.

Leader in the production of Cast Resin and Impregnated Transformers, integrates the totality of its process in Argentina: design and development, manufacture, final tests and Post-selling services, which guarrantees the quality all along the process.
Why do our customers choose us?
GUARANTY: Our Irreproachable behaviour and wide path in the market, as well as the 2000 half Voltage machines installed and actually in functioning, assure the quality and reliability the costumers need.
SERVICE: Incomparable speed of response in the after-sales as well as during the development of special products.
QUALITY: The totality of the productive and administrative processes as well as our Half Voltage Testing Laboratory, are fitted under a quality management system accredited to ISO norm 9001:2000
ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTS: Our products are 100% recyclables, they do not generate toxic fumes, and in case of combustion they produce neither liquids nor gases. For their manufacture toxic products are not used.